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Daniel C.

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DAG YO! how come everyone forgot about live journal and mno everyone is all on MySpace.... wierd.... like now all i get is one comment from johnny and i never even read his cuz johnny is just so dumb and i never want to talk to him again cuz he is a heartless wench. jk. but i think im going to be moving to my moms now... that sucks.
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true about the lj/myspace thing
why are you going to your moms house?
ya that sucks dood...eph ur dad. hopefully you wont have to.
hello, cool ELjAy.!! Rawr.(dont ask me) Anywho. -just passing by-


December 26 2004, 21:33:40 UTC 12 years ago

Daniel is a poop head because he called my cell phone and woke me up at 4:30am to tell me that he was bored. Horrible.