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your words are deadly weapons

Daniel C.
21 October
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Ha, cool. Well, my name is Daniel and I like music. Oh yeah and i play the drums and guitar and bass, but i play drums the best. I like lots of music... anything that sounds cool. I have really cool friends, they are like perfect friends almost, but no one is perfect...
"vincent", 10 seconds to go, a.f.i., acno's and aqua's energizer, aim, amanda hunt, annie, arin, art, as i lay dying, atreyu, audyre sessions bass player, beautiful eyes, bee, bia kak, big words, bleeding through, blink 182, bobby chacon, braclets, brain, brand new, breakdowns, bug juice, cadild, cadildo, cd's, choppers, church, coheed and cambria, creamin the corn, curtis, d.o.g, david westburg, diapers, doodles, drawing, drums, drumsets, eighteen visions, eleventeen, emo, epic, evil clowns, family guy, friends, from first to last, fusion frenzy, girls, going to shows, grover, guitar, gumby bears, hardcore music, harry potter, haste the day, hats, hearts, hopesfall, idt, improv., internet, it dies today, jackass, jenna jamison, jesus, juju bees, knitting, knives, laser pointers, laurel, light this city, liquid generation, live journal, lowriders, lyrics, maria chacon, max, megans, metalcore, miniclip, money, most precious blood, movies, muscle cars, music, music videos, my brothers, my penis, orange soda, patrick o'connell, pee pee, pictures, playing cards, poetry, poison the well, pooping, pretty eyes, retainers, rock music, roses, rust-a-way, sandstorm, sara chacon, sarah, scared alice, screamo, sharks, shoes, silverstein, sketching, sky lopez, slice, slimy stuff, starwars kid, straight edge, stretch armstong, sylvia saint, tabs, taking back sunday, techno breakdowns, techno music, teen titans, the agony scene, the bled, the goonies, the mall, the nightmare before christmas, the program, the rocket summer, the three stooges, thinking, thrice, tim burton, travis barker, trustkill, truth, underoath, unearth, urine face, vampires, veronika, videotaping crap, water, world war 2, writing poetry, xbox, yeah right, ,